The Best at Home Muscle Building exercises


Wait, home muscle building exercises! But I heard you have to join the gym to gain muscles? Well, that is not entirely true.

Despite what fitness magazines led you to believe, you can gain muscles and a good amount of muscle by using just your bodyweight. This is especially true if you are a total beginner since you would benefit the most from bodyweight training, but that doesn’t mean that advanced trainees can’t benefit from it.

I mean look at the jacked dudes in the Olympic gymnastics events, these dudes are jacked and they do just bodyweight stuff. So let’s take a look at the best at home muscle building exercises.

The Best At-Home Muscle building Exercises

1- Push Ups:

Good old push-ups, they are one of the best chest exercises. They are even better then some weighted exercises especially when done right. They will give you massive chest muscles and they will work your triceps and anterior delts as a bonus.

The key with push-ups is to use a full range of motion and enough time under tension. When I look at people doing push-ups, most of them go up and down very quickly and never fully stretch their chest muscle in order to stimulate them. To really feel the exercise your chest needs to reach the ground not 4 inches above. So that is the number one key to consider when implementing push-ups into your muscle building routine.

The second key is time under tension, don’t do those speed reps. Try to go slowly with at least 2 seconds down then explode up and try to make each set last at least 40 seconds. Trust me, that won’t be easy.

Exercise execution:

1-Lie on the floor face down and place your hands about 36 inches apart while holding your torso up at arm’s length.
2-Next, lower yourself down until your chest almost touches the floor as you inhale.
Now breathe out and press your upper body back up to the starting position while squeezing your chest.
3-After a brief pause at the top contracted position, you can begin to lower yourself downward again for as many repetitions as needed.

But what if you are a well-trained individual who wants more advanced versions. well you can then move to more advanced progressions like the decline push up or the clap push-ups or maybe the one arm push up if you are a beast.

Here is a little guide to know where to start:

Push-ups Progression

-Level 1: knee push ups:

once you can hit 12 reps comfortably move to the next variation

-Level 2: push ups:

once you can hit 20 reps comfortably move to the next variation

-Level 3: decline push ups:

once you can hit 12 reps comfortably move to the next variation

-Level 4: clapping push ups:

once you can hit 8 reps comfortably move to the next variation

-Level 5: uneven push ups where you rest one hand on a medicine ball or a box:

Once you can hit 8 reps comfortably move to the next variation

-level 6: one arm push ups.

And trust me it will take you a  long to do sets lasting 40 seconds in the one arm push ups. So drop the push up is easy talk and start building your chest.

2- Pull Ups:


The king of bodyweight upper body exercises and the barbell squat of the upper body as many strength coaches like to call it. It nearly targets the majority of your upper body musculature from lats and rhomboids to both heads of the biceps and the upper chest as well. So yes it is a complete exercise that will assist you in your attempt of muscle building. I know this supposed to require no equipment by hey you can get one pull up bar for less than 20 dollars online or you can simply hang from your door ceiling.

For pull-ups, your reps should be from 8-15 reps to elicit maximum hypertrophy.

Exercise execution:

1-Grab the pull-up bar with the palms facing forward using the prescribed grip. Note on grips: for a wide grip, your hands need to be spaced out at a distance wider than your shoulder width. For a medium grip, your hands need to be spaced out at a distance equal to your shoulder width and for a close grip at a distance smaller than your shoulder width.
2-As you have both arms extended in front of you holding the bar at the chosen grip width, bring your torso back around 30 degrees or so while creating a curvature on your lower back and sticking your chest out. This is your starting position.
3-Pull your torso up until the bar touches your upper chest by drawing the shoulders and the upper arms down and back. Exhale as you perform this portion of the movement. Tip: concentrate on squeezing the back muscles once you reach the full contracted position. The upper torso should remain stationary as it moves through space and only the arms should move. The forearms should do no other work other than hold the bar.
4-After a second on the contracted position, start to inhale and slowly lower your torso back to the starting position when your arms are fully extended and the lats are fully stretched.
Repeat this motion for the prescribed amount of repetitions.

If you are not able to perform pull-ups yet you can start by following this progression model:

Pull-ups Progression

-Level 1: hanging pull-ups :

just hang from the bar to help build some grip strength so you are able to do pull-ups,  try at least to be able to hang for 20 seconds before moving to the next progression.

-Level 2: negative pull-ups:

jump to the bar and try to lower yourself slowly the let the bar and jump again and that will help build your strength. You must hit at least 10 reps before attempting your first pull up

-Level 3: pull-ups.

3- Handstand Push Ups:



It is like doing a military press with your own bodyweight expect it is less straining for your spine. It looks more badass too.

Seriously if you can perform this move you will have an impressive set of shoulders even if you didn’t step a foot in the gym. So, you have no excuse to build some meat on those shoulders so you can improve your v taper look and look more jacked.

Exercise execution:

1-With your back to the wall bend at the waist and place both hands on the floor at shoulder width.
2-Kick yourself up against the wall with your arms straight. Your body should be upside down with the arms and legs fully extended. Keep your whole body as straight as possible. Tip: if doing this for the first time, have a spotter help you. Also, make sure that you keep facing the wall with your head, rather than looking down.
3-Slowly lower yourself to the ground as you inhale until your head almost touches the floor. Tip: it is of utmost importance that you come down slow in order to avoid head injury.
4-Push yourself back up slowly as you exhale until your elbows are nearly locked.
Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Again, most people will not be able to do this move from the start so here is a quick progression model you can follow:

Handstand Push-ups Progression

-Level 1: pike push-ups:

once you can hit 12 reps comfortably move to the next variation

-Level 2: incline pike push-ups:

once you can hit 12 reps comfortably move to the next variation

-Level 3: wall handstands push-ups :

once you can hit 12 reps comfortably move to the next variation

-Level 4: handstand push-ups.

4- Pistol Squats:



Of course, no muscle building plan will be complete without some leg work in it and pistol squats will take care of that. They will work your quads, hamstrings and even your calves all while strengthening your core.

Exercise execution:

1-From a standing position, raise one foot off the floor. You should be looking directly forward, with your chest up, knees and hips slightly bent, and your back straight. This will be your starting position.

2-Descend into a squat by flexing your hips and knee. As you squat, extend the non-working leg forward to allow clearance for your movement. Descend slowly, paying close attention to balance and proper movement mechanics, going as far as your flexibility allows.

3-Hold the bottom position briefly and then return to the start by extending through the hips and knee, driving through the heel of your working foot.
Repeat for the desired number of repetitions, then switch sides.

Pistol squats are a hardcore move and it requires a huge amount of strength and balance and being able to rep it will make your legs grow from the comfort of your home. If you cant perform them yet here is a progression model to help you get there fast:

Pistol Squat Progression

-Level 1: bodyweight squat:

Once you hit 30 reps you are ready to move to the next variation

-Level 2: Bulgarian split squat:

Once you can hit 12 reps per leg comfortably move to the next variation

-Level 3: jumping squat:

Once you can hit 15 reps comfortably move to the next variation

-Level 4: deficit pistol squat:

Once you can hit 6 reps you are ready to attempt your first pistol squat

-Level 5: pistol squats.

5- Hollow Holds:


You cant have a strong body without a strong core. And while the exercises above will strengthen your core, you still need some specific ab and core work if you want to show off a ripped six pack.
This classic gymnastic staple is your best bet. It will get your core stronger and it will stimulate hypertrophy in your abdominal muscles.
Start with sets of 10-sec hold and work your way to a 60 and even 120-sec hold if you an absolute beast.

There is, of course, a lot of other effective bodyweight exercises to help you build your body, but the one outlined here is the best bang for your buck. They are like the rockstars of all body exercises.

You can either do them all in one session or spread them across different sessions if you want to split your routine into upper body and lower body.
Just stick with them and you will soon start to get buff.

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