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The Best Triceps Muscle Building Exercises

The closest muscle group to every man heart is not the chest or the back, it is the Arms. Everyone loves to have big arms, they are a symbol of power and manliness.

Arms also are the first muscle group that people notice about your physique. So, developing a sleeve-busting Arms is a must to give the illusion of a muscular physique.

But, before we dive into the best exercises for Arms growth, let’s take a look at the Arms anatomy so we know how we should train them for growth.

Triceps Anatomy

The arm has two main muscle groups: the Biceps and the Triceps.

In this article, we will be discussing Triceps. So, Let’s take a quick look at the anatomy of The Triceps muscle.

The Triceps or Triceps Brachii is a three-headed muscle group that works in opposition to the biceps. It is also originating from under the deltoid and inserting below the elbow.

The basic function of the triceps is to straighten the arms and supinate the wrist.

As it name apply, the triceps has 3 main heads: the long head, the lateral head, and the medial head.

The Triceps about 2/3 of your Arms musculature. And while most people prioritize Biceps training when they are looking to increase their arm size, developing a big thick Triceps is the only way to get those sleeve-busting Arms.

In this article, I will share with you my top 5 Triceps exercises that are guaranteed to add size to your guns.

The Best Triceps Exercises:

1-Close Grip Bench Press:

This is the main muscle builder of the Triceps. forget about Pressdowns and all those machine exercises, if you are not doing Close-Grip Bench Press you will never develop big Triceps. this exercise will allow the use of heavy weights and thus the use of progressive overload. Also, it will place a tremendous amount of stress on your Triceps, the good kind of stress that will lead to muscle growth.

I personally prefer to flare my elbows to the side when I am performing the Close-grip Bench Press, I think it places more stress on the Triceps while minimizing shoulder pain. Your elbow placement should be similar to your Elbow position during Diamon Push-up. For grip width, I think shoulder width grip is great for most people since a very narrow grip will cause a lot of stress for the wrists.

2-Overhead Triceps Extensions:

Those will work the long head of your Triceps, one of the most neglected muscles. developing a big long head will give you that thick Triceps look from the back and it will widen your Arms. On this exercise, focus on maximum stretch rather than just lifting heavy weights. I personally prefer the cable variation over the dumbbell variation on this exercise.

To maximize the mind-muscle connection during this exercise, you can pause at the bottom of the rep to fully stretch your Triceps and engage the long head.

3-Skull Crushers:

even though that their name is scary, but when done right this exercise won’t crush your Skull. Instead, it will grow the lateral head of your Triceps like no other Exercise. the lateral head is the biggest head of all the 3 and when properly developed, it will give you that horseshow Triceps look. Again, stress form rather than weights. use a full range of motion and play good attention to your elbow placement.

Another cool variation od Sull-Crushers is to lower the bar to your shin instead of your forehead. This will increase the involvement of the medial head. The media head usually doesn’t get enough work during most workout routines.

4-Dumbbell Kickback:

You may think that this exercise is for girls, but in reality, it is one of the best exercises when it comes to developing the medial head of the Triceps. Arnold himself was a big fan of this exercise and he included it in all his Arms workout routines. and I am sure it worked pretty well for him. Again, the key with this exercise is to stress a full range of motion and to fully extend your arms in every single rep.



Although the Close-Grip Bench press is considered the main mass builder in all Triceps exercises, Dips are an excellent way to target the chest, anterior delts, and the triceps. Dips have their fair share of controversy by being associated with shoulder pain. There is no evidence to support this unless you are doing them with an extra 90 lbs wrapped your waist.

There are basically two variations, the shoulder and triceps variation where you keep your torso more upright to focus more on the triceps. The other variation is chest dip where you slightly lean forward to increase pec recruitment. Both are great mass builders.

Now, you don’t need to do all those exercises in one session. But, you need to include them throughout the week to ensure complete Triceps stimulation. For the best 5 Biceps exercises, you can check this article The Best Biceps Muscle Building Exercises

Until then the, Stay Strong!





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