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The Best Biceps Muscle Building Exercises

If you have been dreaming about achieving a big bulging  Biceps muscle, yet you never seem to reach your goal. Don’t worry you are not alone.

Most people have a hard time adding any noticeable amount of muscle mass to their Biceps muscles. This is especially true for intermediate to advanced lifters who often find themselves stuck in the 15” inch arms for like forever.

Today, I will share with you my top 5 Biceps exercises that I believe will help you to grow your arms by as much as an inch. No kidding!

But, before we talk about the best exercises, we need first to take a look at the anatomy of the biceps.

Biceps Anatomy

biceps anatomy

The Biceps or Biceps Brachii is a two-headed muscle that origin from under the deltoid and insert below the elbow.

The basic function of the Biceps is to lift and curl the arm. Also, another function of the Biceps is to pronate the wrist.

The Biceps has two main head, the short head, and the long head. Also, another muscle group of the Biceps is Brachialis or the outer head of the Biceps.

So to fully develop your Biceps you need to target each one of those heads adequately.

Also, another thing to keep in mind when training your Biceps is that you need to stress form rather than weight. Don’t try to lift heavy weights by swinging them around. That will do nothing to your biceps, it will only annihilate your lower back.

Also guys, with any muscle group, and especially Biceps, you need a strong mind-muscle connection. You have to think inside the muscle and to feel every contraction. That way you can make sure that your Biceps are doing most of the work rather than your front delts or your lower back.

Now, Here are  top 5 Biceps exercises:

1-Barbell Curl:

Arnold biceps workouts

This is the most basic Biceps exercise. If you are serious about growing a big thick Biceps, then you need to be doing Barbell curls.

This exercise will target all your Biceps heads evenly and it will allow for increasing poundages and implementing progressive overload.

Also, you can alter your hand positioning on the Barbell curl to emphasize a certain head of the Biceps. For instance, a close grip on the Barbell curl will target the long head to a higher degree than a shoulder-width grip. And on the other hand, a wider grip will focus more on the short head or the inner Biceps. So, you can play with that depending on your weaknesses.

2-Hammer Curls:

 hammer curls

This will target the Biceps brachiialis. The Brachiialis is that small muscle shaped like a golf ball between the biceps and the triceps. Although it is trained in every elbow flexing movement, the brachiiali muscle can become a weak link and derail your progress if not targeted optimally.

Hammer curls, when performed right,  are in my opinion the best exercise to target your biceps brachiialis. But again, you need to use proper form and a full range of motion in order to fully stimulate the muscle. But, if you let your ego take the best out of you and you start to swing heavy dumbbells around, you will only annihilate your elbows, so be mindful of that.

Focusing on the Brachiialis will give you that thick arm looks from the front and it will quickly increase your overall arms size. This is especially true if you have been neglecting this small muscle group for a long time. I personally made my most improvement in the arms department when I started to prioritize the brachiialis exercises like Hammer curls and Reverse curls.

3-Incline Dumbbell Curls:

Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Due to improper execution, the long head of the Biceps is often a weak link for most bodybuilders. This head is optimally targeted when your elbows are behind the torso.

The best exercise to target the long head of the Biceps is Incline dumbbell curls. Including this old-school exercise will tremendously improve your Biceps.

The key with this exercise is a full stretch at the bottom. You don’t need super heavy weights to get results. A good cue to remember is to lower your hands until you completely flex your triceps. This will stretch your biceps to the max and help you to lengthen your arms. Yes, muscles do grow in length as well. This mechanism of growth is called hyperplasia, and it is a big topic in the scientific and bodybuilding community nowadays.

4-Preacher Curls:

Preacher curls

The preacher bench or the Scott bench was initially invented by former Mr.Olympia Larry Scott and legendary Trainer Vince Gironda. Back in the day, when experimenting was the only way to know what works and what doesn’t, Larry Scott felt like he needs to up the intensity of his arm workouts and to bring up his lower Biceps. So, with the help of Gironda, they came up with the idea of the Scott bench. After that, it became a staple in every bodybuilder routine, and that’s for a good reason.

The Preacher curl will work the first part of the range of motion and give you that thickness in the lower biceps. Also, preacher curls, because your triceps are against the pad, will help you to minimize cheating which will directly put more stress on the biceps. That equals more growth.

5-Concentration Curls:

concentration curls

If you want a mountain like Biceps, then you need to work on improving your Biceps peak. The best exercise for achieving that is concentration curls in my opinion. They were Arnold favorite Biceps peak exercise and we all can agree that he had one of the best Biceps in all bodybuilding history.

For concentration curls, I personally like to do an isometric hold at the top of the movement. This will allow me to have a great pump and it will increase tension on the biceps.

Now, you don’t need to do all those exercises in one session. But, you need to include them throughout the week to ensure complete Biceps stimulation.

If you want a complete guide on how to build sleeve busting arms alongside a killer workout you can check this article Arms Training 101: How To Build Sleeve Busting Arms

Until next time.

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